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Up 4.2 pounds

Okay…so I’m having a rough couple weeks and now I’m up 4.2 pounds. I really think I have to be retaining water due to the 100+ temperatures we’re experiencing in FL right now. I started this morning tracking my food again.


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Father’s Day

So tomorrow I have to weigh in and I’m scared. Last week was a really rough week for us and I didn’t track what I ate at all. I will post about how the weigh in comes in after Weight Watchers tomorrow. Keep me in your thoughts as I’m terrified to get on that scale.

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Okay, so I’m not great at this blogging thing yet. I am going to try to do better as I have the summer off from work and maybe I can really get into this.

I am currently in Philadelphia for a conference. I get to go home today and I’m excited because Philly is not my favorite place. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to see different places, but this just isn’t my favorite.

I’ve been doing fairly well with my eating. Instead of a Philly Cheese for lunch on Wednesday, I had a turkey cheese. Last night, my husband and I shared a salad, hummus plate and fish for dinner. I have had one cookie each day, but that’s been my one bad thing so I’m proud of me. I got in over 19,000 steps on Wednesday which I thought was pretty good.

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