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Sticking with it.

I’m having a very difficult time lately with the fact that I’m gaining weight instead of losing. However, I haven’t been talking about or reading about weight loss and I hadn’t been to my Weight Watchers meetings in a few weeks so I was sliding. I need this journal and I need inspiration from others so here I am again trying to pick up and move on. I’ve kept track of my food everyday this week which is great. I got up to walk Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but accidentally slept in this morning. Tonight I’m fighting off a really bad sinus headache so hopefully, I’m all better in the morning and ready to get out there and walk.

Food today:
McDonald’s breakfast (I have got to get out of this habit!)
Turkey meatloaf and cous cous leftovers
6″ Subway Chicken Teriyaki sandwich w/ Baked Lays Chips
Snacks of banana and cheerios snack mix


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