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Sticking with it.

I’m having a very difficult time lately with the fact that I’m gaining weight instead of losing. However, I haven’t been talking about or reading about weight loss and I hadn’t been to my Weight Watchers meetings in a few weeks so I was sliding. I need this journal and I need inspiration from others so here I am again trying to pick up and move on. I’ve kept track of my food everyday this week which is great. I got up to walk Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but accidentally slept in this morning. Tonight I’m fighting off a really bad sinus headache so hopefully, I’m all better in the morning and ready to get out there and walk.

Food today:
McDonald’s breakfast (I have got to get out of this habit!)
Turkey meatloaf and cous cous leftovers
6″ Subway Chicken Teriyaki sandwich w/ Baked Lays Chips
Snacks of banana and cheerios snack mix


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Up 4.2 pounds

Okay…so I’m having a rough couple weeks and now I’m up 4.2 pounds. I really think I have to be retaining water due to the 100+ temperatures we’re experiencing in FL right now. I started this morning tracking my food again.

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Father’s Day

So tomorrow I have to weigh in and I’m scared. Last week was a really rough week for us and I didn’t track what I ate at all. I will post about how the weigh in comes in after Weight Watchers tomorrow. Keep me in your thoughts as I’m terrified to get on that scale.

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Okay, so I’m not great at this blogging thing yet. I am going to try to do better as I have the summer off from work and maybe I can really get into this.

I am currently in Philadelphia for a conference. I get to go home today and I’m excited because Philly is not my favorite place. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to see different places, but this just isn’t my favorite.

I’ve been doing fairly well with my eating. Instead of a Philly Cheese for lunch on Wednesday, I had a turkey cheese. Last night, my husband and I shared a salad, hummus plate and fish for dinner. I have had one cookie each day, but that’s been my one bad thing so I’m proud of me. I got in over 19,000 steps on Wednesday which I thought was pretty good.

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Stuck at home

So, I’ve gotten a really bad stomach bug that just didn’t want to go away.  Went to the doctor yesterday after having this thing since Saturday and she tells me that I’m really contagious.  Hoping my husband doesn’t get it too.  Now I’m stuck at home until it gets through my system.  I did go to the gym on Monday morning to walk – didn’t know I was contagious.  It felt good to get in some exercise.  I might try to walk tonight since the doctor said my antibiotic should have taken effect by then.

I have a sister who is considering lap band procedure because she doesn’t think she can lose weight naturally because of how large she is.  Does anyone have any blogs they read or books they have read about women who are well over 300 pounds.  I want her to see that she can do this!

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Tonight as I watched Biggest Loser, they had Sugar Ray Leonard as a guest star.  He led them through a boxing workout.  At the end, he talked about how each of the people losing weight are fighters.  He also gave them his motto – POWER (Prepare Overcome Win Every Round).  I thought about this in terms of my personal weight loss.  There are times when I am really proud of how I’m doing and then others when I just don’t see how I could keep going on.  Never having been in a physical fight, I don’t know that it’s the same, but I can see how it could be similar.

I liked the prepare and overcome part of Leonard’s motto, but I think sometimes we don’t win every round in weight loss, but coming through in the end is what makes us winners – finding the key to staying with this for good.  Not just winning for today, winning for forever.  This is my goal.  I may not win every round, but I’ll fight every round to come out on top!

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Thawing Out and Refocusing

Thawing OutThis past weekend I spent in Michigan visiting family. A cousin is having a baby and my husband and I went to surprise her for the shower. We had the best time, but I did not have much control over my food while there. We ate at my aunt’s house all four days. I tried to do good, but did not get in any activity due to four inches of snow and temps under 30 degrees. I also did not count my calories. I felt like people would mock me. I don’t know why I do that to myself. Thus I have had a rough time and must begin again. I’m back from the cold and now I must thaw out and refocus.

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