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Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.  Life has just been crazy and I admit I’ve let it take me for a loop.  However….

Yesterday, I had a great day!  I completed my first 5K in quite awhile.  I did the Aflac IronGirl 5K in Clearwater, FL and then saw that I was at about 6,000 steps on my pedometer.   I got excited because I have been tracking my steps for quite awhile now and my steps normally are about 2-4,000 a day.  7,000 on a really good day.  I’m doing this program called Virgin HealthMiles for work where I can earn money for my steps throughout the year.  If I got to 20,000, I would earn an extra 300 points for my program.  I knew this was my chance so my husband and I took off for Orlando and walked IKEA and then Downtown Disney and then came home and walked the neighborhood.  Never have I walked so much and my sciatica was acting up a little this morning, but not bad!  I am so proud of myself.  This has given me renewed confidence.  Yeah ME!


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