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Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of refocusing.  In that process, I have used some inspirational quotes to help me through.  I’ve listed some of my favorites below.
Do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.” – Thomas Huxley

This quote has really helped me the past two weeks as I have gone from only walking once or maybe twice a week to walking every day and pushing myself.  I’ve been so glad that I’ve done it after the fact.  At night when I don’t feel like walking because it’s been such a long day, I think about this quote and know that it’s what I should do so I go ahead and press on.  Last week, I walked 52,400 steps which is approximately a full marathon.  I was so proud of myself.


“The brick walls are not there to keep us out; the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.” -Randy Pausch

This quote is now a favorite of mine because for so long I’ve said I wanted to lose weight, but haven’t gotten there yet.  It’s a brick wall I’m standing behind and I have to think about the fact that it’s just a chance to show how badly I really want it instead of thinking of it as an uncrossable barrier. I want to show people I can do this.


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!  It’s been awhile since I last posted.  I’ve had a few weeks of feeling frumpy.  Time to move on.  I’ve thought about posting and then thought no, I didn’t do anything good today….however, I’m posting anyways to say I’ve not been doing well.  I intend to start anew tomorrow morning.

As Chubby Chick posted in her “Keepin It Real” entry, honesty is the best policy and I needed to get it out.  Sometimes it just feels frustrating admitting you’ve messed up yet again.  Well, I have.  I’m not giving up though.  I’ll figure it out and I’ll come through in the end.

Tomorrow’s plan is to start out with breakfast at home at 6AM instead of McDonald’s drive thru.  Then to eat a snack of yogurt and cereal at about 9AM at work.  Lunch at noon – soup and cheez-it crackers.  Afternoon snack of popcorn at 2PM and then dinner at home about 7PM.  I am going to walk the dog tomorrow evening and then do my new Biggest Loser Yoga Video.

I’ll let you know how I handle the day.

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Tonight as I watched Biggest Loser, they had Sugar Ray Leonard as a guest star.  He led them through a boxing workout.  At the end, he talked about how each of the people losing weight are fighters.  He also gave them his motto – POWER (Prepare Overcome Win Every Round).  I thought about this in terms of my personal weight loss.  There are times when I am really proud of how I’m doing and then others when I just don’t see how I could keep going on.  Never having been in a physical fight, I don’t know that it’s the same, but I can see how it could be similar.

I liked the prepare and overcome part of Leonard’s motto, but I think sometimes we don’t win every round in weight loss, but coming through in the end is what makes us winners – finding the key to staying with this for good.  Not just winning for today, winning for forever.  This is my goal.  I may not win every round, but I’ll fight every round to come out on top!

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I really want each of us to challenge our negative thoughts and words.  Let’s not whine and complain, but rather face our battles and venture forth with a winning attitude.

Our words are powerful beyond our imagination. They can heal us or hurt us, so let’s choose them wisely!

This quote came from fertilehealthy’s blog entry “the power of our words.”  In it she lists negative thoughts and words and how we need to adjust our negative words into realistically positive words.  I thought I would try this out with some of my own negative words.

I can’t seem to keep track of my food correctly.  It is hard to keep track of food, but I can do it and I have the tools on my iPhone.

It’s taking forever to lose my weight.  I am losing weight slowly and am learning ways to do better through this process.  I am more likely to keep the weight off due to the things I’m learning.

Because of my sciatica, I don’t know if I will ever be able to run again.  I can walk, swim and ride my bike. I can work on doing Pilates and stretching out my muscles to make my core stronger.

I have too much to overcome with my weight and money issues.  It’s too daunting facing the crisis we’re all in.  I need to focus on what I’m doing each day to make things better.  I have to create small goals and be proud of myself when I make good choices.  Each good choice gets me closer to my goals.

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Thawing Out and Refocusing

Thawing OutThis past weekend I spent in Michigan visiting family. A cousin is having a baby and my husband and I went to surprise her for the shower. We had the best time, but I did not have much control over my food while there. We ate at my aunt’s house all four days. I tried to do good, but did not get in any activity due to four inches of snow and temps under 30 degrees. I also did not count my calories. I felt like people would mock me. I don’t know why I do that to myself. Thus I have had a rough time and must begin again. I’m back from the cold and now I must thaw out and refocus.

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I have had a rough couple days lately and I’ve let it mess up my food tracking and exercising sessions.  I hate being an emotional eater, but it’s gotten to me again.  I was doing so well too. Frustrations of life lead to me feeling depressed so I eat more and don’t track because I don’t want to see it thus I don’t lose weight and get mad.  Oh the endless cycle!

Most of my frustrations the past two days are fears of mine about the future or worries about what other people did or said.  I got quite emotional just this evening about some friends of mine who are just starting off running and are doing a great job, but one of them is signing up for a half-marathon that is going to be in two weeks.  This girl just started a couch to 5K program at the beginning of the year.  I was so upset because it did not seem fair that I had to work for over a year to build up to that distance and she just starts off and does so well.  Why do I have to work extra hard to combat everything and others make it look so easy?

When I lost my 2.6 pounds the other night at Weight Watchers, I was ecstatic, but knew the people in there didn’t understand how excited I was because it had been a year and a half since I had been able to lose past that point.  It was a huge breaking point for me.  HUGE and yet there are new people coming in losing their weight quickly.

Got to break out of this madness before it gets worse. I did not track my food the past two days.  Tomorrow is a new day and I’ll post tomorrow night.

Saw a sign today that meant a lot to me: It said In trying times, don’t quit trying! Got to keep that in mind!

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Mopping the floor

Today as I have the President’s Day Holiday off, I am taking time to clean house. As I was mopping the floor today, I was once again reminded how we have to take our weight loss little by little. You see, I HATE mopping. When we built the house, we decided tile would be best as we have dogs. We were right except that to mop all this tile is quite the feat. I try to just take it a couple tiles at a time instead of looking at how much more I have to go. I’ll get overwhelmed by the entire task. I know we can make these comparisons over and over with different things, but sometimes it’s nice to see how we’re already taking small steps in some things and we just have to transfer that idea over.

Tonight, I weigh in and am very excited. I’ve worked very hard this past week and having this blog to confide in really does seem to be helping me. I’ll log in tonight to let you know how it goes.

**Addition – Lost 2.6 pounds this week – 66 TOTAL!

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